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MP3FrameParams Class Reference

#include <MP3Internals.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MP3FrameParams ()
 ~MP3FrameParams ()
void setParamsFromHeader ()
void setBytePointer (unsigned char const *restOfFrame, unsigned totNumBytes)
void getSideInfo (MP3SideInfo &si)
unsigned getBits (unsigned numBits)
unsigned get1Bit ()

Data Fields

unsigned hdr
unsigned char frameBytes [MAX_MP3_FRAME_SIZE]
Boolean isMPEG2
unsigned layer
unsigned bitrate
unsigned samplingFreq
Boolean isStereo
Boolean isFreeFormat
unsigned frameSize
unsigned sideInfoSize
Boolean hasCRC
unsigned oldHdr
unsigned firstHdr

Private Member Functions

unsigned computeSideInfoSize ()

Private Attributes

BitVector bv
unsigned bitrateIndex
unsigned samplingFreqIndex
Boolean isMPEG2_5
Boolean padding
Boolean extension
unsigned mode
unsigned mode_ext
Boolean copyright
Boolean original
unsigned emphasis
unsigned stereo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file MP3Internals.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MP3FrameParams()

MP3FrameParams::MP3FrameParams ( )

◆ ~MP3FrameParams()

MP3FrameParams::~MP3FrameParams ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeSideInfoSize()

unsigned MP3FrameParams::computeSideInfoSize ( )

◆ get1Bit()

unsigned MP3FrameParams::get1Bit ( )

Definition at line 102 of file MP3Internals.hh.

102{ return bv.get1Bit(); }
unsigned get1Bit()

References bv, and BitVector::get1Bit().

◆ getBits()

unsigned MP3FrameParams::getBits ( unsigned  numBits)

Definition at line 101 of file MP3Internals.hh.

101{ return bv.getBits(numBits); }
unsigned getBits(unsigned numBits)

References bv, and BitVector::getBits().

◆ getSideInfo()

void MP3FrameParams::getSideInfo ( MP3SideInfo si)

◆ setBytePointer()

void MP3FrameParams::setBytePointer ( unsigned char const *  restOfFrame,
unsigned  totNumBytes 

Definition at line 89 of file MP3Internals.hh.

90 {// called during setup
91 bv.setup((unsigned char*)restOfFrame, 0, 8*totNumBytes);
92 }
void setup(unsigned char *baseBytePtr, unsigned baseBitOffset, unsigned totNumBits)

References bv, and BitVector::setup().

◆ setParamsFromHeader()

void MP3FrameParams::setParamsFromHeader ( )

Field Documentation

◆ bitrate

unsigned MP3FrameParams::bitrate

Definition at line 81 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ bitrateIndex

unsigned MP3FrameParams::bitrateIndex

Definition at line 108 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ bv

BitVector MP3FrameParams::bv

Definition at line 105 of file MP3Internals.hh.

Referenced by get1Bit(), getBits(), and setBytePointer().

◆ copyright

Boolean MP3FrameParams::copyright

Definition at line 115 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ emphasis

unsigned MP3FrameParams::emphasis

Definition at line 117 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ extension

Boolean MP3FrameParams::extension

Definition at line 112 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ firstHdr

unsigned MP3FrameParams::firstHdr

Definition at line 95 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ frameBytes

unsigned char MP3FrameParams::frameBytes[MAX_MP3_FRAME_SIZE]

Definition at line 75 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ frameSize

unsigned MP3FrameParams::frameSize

Definition at line 85 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ hasCRC

Boolean MP3FrameParams::hasCRC

Definition at line 87 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ hdr

unsigned MP3FrameParams::hdr

Definition at line 72 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ isFreeFormat

Boolean MP3FrameParams::isFreeFormat

Definition at line 84 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ isMPEG2

Boolean MP3FrameParams::isMPEG2

Definition at line 79 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ isMPEG2_5

Boolean MP3FrameParams::isMPEG2_5

Definition at line 110 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ isStereo

Boolean MP3FrameParams::isStereo

Definition at line 83 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ layer

unsigned MP3FrameParams::layer

Definition at line 80 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ mode

unsigned MP3FrameParams::mode

Definition at line 113 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ mode_ext

unsigned MP3FrameParams::mode_ext

Definition at line 114 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ oldHdr

unsigned MP3FrameParams::oldHdr

Definition at line 95 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ original

Boolean MP3FrameParams::original

Definition at line 116 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ padding

Boolean MP3FrameParams::padding

Definition at line 111 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ samplingFreq

unsigned MP3FrameParams::samplingFreq

Definition at line 82 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ samplingFreqIndex

unsigned MP3FrameParams::samplingFreqIndex

Definition at line 109 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ sideInfoSize

unsigned MP3FrameParams::sideInfoSize

Definition at line 86 of file MP3Internals.hh.

◆ stereo

unsigned MP3FrameParams::stereo

Definition at line 118 of file MP3Internals.hh.

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