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MP3Internals.hh File Reference
#include "Boolean.hh"
#include "BitVector.hh"
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Data Structures

struct  MP3SideInfo
struct  MP3SideInfo::gr_info_s
class  MP3FrameParams


#define SBLIMIT   32
#define MAX_MP3_FRAME_SIZE   2500 /* also big enough for an 'ADU'ized frame */


typedef struct MP3SideInfo MP3SideInfo_t


unsigned ComputeFrameSize (unsigned bitrate, unsigned samplingFreq, Boolean usePadding, Boolean isMPEG2, unsigned char layer)
Boolean GetADUInfoFromMP3Frame (unsigned char const *framePtr, unsigned totFrameSize, unsigned &hdr, unsigned &frameSize, MP3SideInfo &sideInfo, unsigned &sideInfoSize, unsigned &backpointer, unsigned &aduSize)
Boolean ZeroOutMP3SideInfo (unsigned char *framePtr, unsigned totFrameSize, unsigned newBackpointer)
unsigned TranscodeMP3ADU (unsigned char const *fromPtr, unsigned fromSize, unsigned toBitrate, unsigned char *toPtr, unsigned toMaxSize, unsigned &availableBytesForBackpointer)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_MP3_FRAME_SIZE   2500 /* also big enough for an 'ADU'ized frame */

Definition at line 64 of file MP3Internals.hh.


#define SBLIMIT   32

Definition at line 63 of file MP3Internals.hh.

Typedef Documentation

◆ MP3SideInfo_t

typedef struct MP3SideInfo MP3SideInfo_t

Function Documentation

◆ ComputeFrameSize()

unsigned ComputeFrameSize ( unsigned  bitrate,
unsigned  samplingFreq,
Boolean  usePadding,
Boolean  isMPEG2,
unsigned char  layer 

◆ GetADUInfoFromMP3Frame()

Boolean GetADUInfoFromMP3Frame ( unsigned char const *  framePtr,
unsigned  totFrameSize,
unsigned &  hdr,
unsigned &  frameSize,
MP3SideInfo sideInfo,
unsigned &  sideInfoSize,
unsigned &  backpointer,
unsigned &  aduSize 

◆ TranscodeMP3ADU()

unsigned TranscodeMP3ADU ( unsigned char const *  fromPtr,
unsigned  fromSize,
unsigned  toBitrate,
unsigned char *  toPtr,
unsigned  toMaxSize,
unsigned &  availableBytesForBackpointer 

◆ ZeroOutMP3SideInfo()

Boolean ZeroOutMP3SideInfo ( unsigned char *  framePtr,
unsigned  totFrameSize,
unsigned  newBackpointer