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OutPacketBuffer Class Reference

#include <MediaSink.hh>

Public Member Functions

 OutPacketBuffer (unsigned preferredPacketSize, unsigned maxPacketSize, unsigned maxBufferSize=0)
 ~OutPacketBuffer ()
unsigned char * curPtr () const
unsigned totalBytesAvailable () const
unsigned totalBufferSize () const
unsigned char * packet () const
unsigned curPacketSize () const
void increment (unsigned numBytes)
void enqueue (unsigned char const *from, unsigned numBytes)
void enqueueWord (u_int32_t word)
void insert (unsigned char const *from, unsigned numBytes, unsigned toPosition)
void insertWord (u_int32_t word, unsigned toPosition)
void extract (unsigned char *to, unsigned numBytes, unsigned fromPosition)
u_int32_t extractWord (unsigned fromPosition)
void skipBytes (unsigned numBytes)
Boolean isPreferredSize () const
Boolean wouldOverflow (unsigned numBytes) const
unsigned numOverflowBytes (unsigned numBytes) const
Boolean isTooBigForAPacket (unsigned numBytes) const
void setOverflowData (unsigned overflowDataOffset, unsigned overflowDataSize, struct timeval const &presentationTime, unsigned durationInMicroseconds)
unsigned overflowDataSize () const
struct timeval overflowPresentationTime () const
unsigned overflowDurationInMicroseconds () const
Boolean haveOverflowData () const
void useOverflowData ()
void adjustPacketStart (unsigned numBytes)
void resetPacketStart ()
void resetOffset ()
void resetOverflowData ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void increaseMaxSizeTo (unsigned newMaxSize)

Static Public Attributes

static unsigned maxSize

Private Attributes

unsigned fPacketStart
unsigned fCurOffset
unsigned fPreferred
unsigned fMax
unsigned fLimit
unsigned char * fBuf
unsigned fOverflowDataOffset
unsigned fOverflowDataSize
struct timeval fOverflowPresentationTime
unsigned fOverflowDurationInMicroseconds

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file MediaSink.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OutPacketBuffer()

OutPacketBuffer::OutPacketBuffer ( unsigned  preferredPacketSize,
unsigned  maxPacketSize,
unsigned  maxBufferSize = 0 

◆ ~OutPacketBuffer()

OutPacketBuffer::~OutPacketBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ adjustPacketStart()

void OutPacketBuffer::adjustPacketStart ( unsigned  numBytes)

◆ curPacketSize()

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::curPacketSize ( ) const

Definition at line 87 of file MediaSink.hh.

87{return fCurOffset;}
unsigned fCurOffset
Definition: MediaSink.hh:127

References fCurOffset.

◆ curPtr()

unsigned char * OutPacketBuffer::curPtr ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file MediaSink.hh.

81{return &fBuf[fPacketStart + fCurOffset];}
unsigned fPacketStart
Definition: MediaSink.hh:127
unsigned char * fBuf
Definition: MediaSink.hh:128

References fBuf, fCurOffset, and fPacketStart.

◆ enqueue()

void OutPacketBuffer::enqueue ( unsigned char const *  from,
unsigned  numBytes 

◆ enqueueWord()

void OutPacketBuffer::enqueueWord ( u_int32_t  word)

◆ extract()

void OutPacketBuffer::extract ( unsigned char *  to,
unsigned  numBytes,
unsigned  fromPosition 

◆ extractWord()

u_int32_t OutPacketBuffer::extractWord ( unsigned  fromPosition)

◆ haveOverflowData()

Boolean OutPacketBuffer::haveOverflowData ( ) const

Definition at line 118 of file MediaSink.hh.

118{return fOverflowDataSize > 0;}
unsigned fOverflowDataSize
Definition: MediaSink.hh:130

References fOverflowDataSize.

◆ increaseMaxSizeTo()

static void OutPacketBuffer::increaseMaxSizeTo ( unsigned  newMaxSize)

Definition at line 79 of file MediaSink.hh.

79{ if (newMaxSize > OutPacketBuffer::maxSize) OutPacketBuffer::maxSize = newMaxSize; }
static unsigned maxSize
Definition: MediaSink.hh:78

References maxSize.

◆ increment()

void OutPacketBuffer::increment ( unsigned  numBytes)

Definition at line 89 of file MediaSink.hh.

89{fCurOffset += numBytes;}

References fCurOffset.

◆ insert()

void OutPacketBuffer::insert ( unsigned char const *  from,
unsigned  numBytes,
unsigned  toPosition 

◆ insertWord()

void OutPacketBuffer::insertWord ( u_int32_t  word,
unsigned  toPosition 

◆ isPreferredSize()

Boolean OutPacketBuffer::isPreferredSize ( ) const

Definition at line 100 of file MediaSink.hh.

100{return fCurOffset >= fPreferred;}
unsigned fPreferred
Definition: MediaSink.hh:127

References fCurOffset, and fPreferred.

◆ isTooBigForAPacket()

Boolean OutPacketBuffer::isTooBigForAPacket ( unsigned  numBytes) const

Definition at line 107 of file MediaSink.hh.

107 {
108 return numBytes > fMax;
109 }
unsigned fMax
Definition: MediaSink.hh:127

References fMax.

◆ numOverflowBytes()

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::numOverflowBytes ( unsigned  numBytes) const

Definition at line 104 of file MediaSink.hh.

104 {
105 return (fCurOffset+numBytes) - fMax;
106 }

References fCurOffset, and fMax.

◆ overflowDataSize()

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::overflowDataSize ( ) const

Definition at line 115 of file MediaSink.hh.

115{return fOverflowDataSize;}

References fOverflowDataSize.

◆ overflowDurationInMicroseconds()

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::overflowDurationInMicroseconds ( ) const

Definition at line 117 of file MediaSink.hh.

unsigned fOverflowDurationInMicroseconds
Definition: MediaSink.hh:132

References fOverflowDurationInMicroseconds.

◆ overflowPresentationTime()

struct timeval OutPacketBuffer::overflowPresentationTime ( ) const

Definition at line 116 of file MediaSink.hh.

struct timeval fOverflowPresentationTime
Definition: MediaSink.hh:131

◆ packet()

unsigned char * OutPacketBuffer::packet ( ) const

Definition at line 86 of file MediaSink.hh.

86{return &fBuf[fPacketStart];}

References fBuf, and fPacketStart.

◆ resetOffset()

void OutPacketBuffer::resetOffset ( )

Definition at line 123 of file MediaSink.hh.

123{ fCurOffset = 0; }

References fCurOffset.

◆ resetOverflowData()

void OutPacketBuffer::resetOverflowData ( )

Definition at line 124 of file MediaSink.hh.

References fOverflowDataOffset, and fOverflowDataSize.

◆ resetPacketStart()

void OutPacketBuffer::resetPacketStart ( )

◆ setOverflowData()

void OutPacketBuffer::setOverflowData ( unsigned  overflowDataOffset,
unsigned  overflowDataSize,
struct timeval const &  presentationTime,
unsigned  durationInMicroseconds 

◆ skipBytes()

void OutPacketBuffer::skipBytes ( unsigned  numBytes)

◆ totalBufferSize()

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::totalBufferSize ( ) const

Definition at line 85 of file MediaSink.hh.

85{ return fLimit; }
unsigned fLimit
Definition: MediaSink.hh:127

References fLimit.

◆ totalBytesAvailable()

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::totalBytesAvailable ( ) const

Definition at line 82 of file MediaSink.hh.

82 {
83 return fLimit - (fPacketStart + fCurOffset);
84 }

References fCurOffset, fLimit, and fPacketStart.

◆ useOverflowData()

void OutPacketBuffer::useOverflowData ( )

◆ wouldOverflow()

Boolean OutPacketBuffer::wouldOverflow ( unsigned  numBytes) const

Definition at line 101 of file MediaSink.hh.

101 {
102 return (fCurOffset+numBytes) > fMax;
103 }

References fCurOffset, and fMax.

Field Documentation

◆ fBuf

unsigned char* OutPacketBuffer::fBuf

Definition at line 128 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by curPtr(), and packet().

◆ fCurOffset

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fCurOffset

◆ fLimit

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fLimit

Definition at line 127 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by totalBufferSize(), and totalBytesAvailable().

◆ fMax

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fMax

Definition at line 127 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by isTooBigForAPacket(), numOverflowBytes(), and wouldOverflow().

◆ fOverflowDataOffset

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fOverflowDataOffset

Definition at line 130 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by resetOverflowData().

◆ fOverflowDataSize

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fOverflowDataSize

Definition at line 130 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by haveOverflowData(), overflowDataSize(), and resetOverflowData().

◆ fOverflowDurationInMicroseconds

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fOverflowDurationInMicroseconds

Definition at line 132 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by overflowDurationInMicroseconds().

◆ fOverflowPresentationTime

struct timeval OutPacketBuffer::fOverflowPresentationTime

Definition at line 131 of file MediaSink.hh.

◆ fPacketStart

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fPacketStart

Definition at line 127 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by curPtr(), packet(), and totalBytesAvailable().

◆ fPreferred

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::fPreferred

Definition at line 127 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by isPreferredSize().

◆ maxSize

unsigned OutPacketBuffer::maxSize

Definition at line 78 of file MediaSink.hh.

Referenced by increaseMaxSizeTo().

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