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liveGate for IntranetsTM

Connect two multicast-enabled networks that are separated by non-multicast-enabled routers

"liveGate for Intranets" is a special version of the liveGateTM server that can be used to connect a private, multicast-enabled network to another multicast-enabled network (or even to the public Multicast Internet - aka. "MBone"). It is used in environments where this connectivity cannot be accomplished using full IP multicast routing - for instance, because an internal network is connected to the public Internet through a firewall, or because two distinct internal networks are separated by non-multicast-capable routers.

A typical use of "liveGate for Intranets" (& "liveGate") in a firewalled environment is as follows:

The internal server ("liveGate for Intranets") controls the relaying of multicast packets across the tunnel. This server acts as a master for the tunnel; the external server ("liveGate") acts as a slave.
(For more information about UDP tunneling, including the master-slave relationship, see the UMTP specification. For more information about IP multicast and firewalls, see the following RFC.)

As described further in the configuration instructions, "liveGate for Intranets" uses special configuration commands to start (& stop) the relaying of specific multicast groups and ports. It also includes an optional 'remote control' mechanism that allows other, selected, machines on the internal network to specify any group(s)/port(s) that they wish to have relayed.

Downloading & installing "liveGate for Intranets"

Configuring "liveGate for Intranets" for your site

An Example: Extending the 3COM NBX phone system across multiple networks

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