liveGate Server Statistics for

Wed Mar 31 09:19:46 MDT 1999

Total multicast and tunnel I/O

(since the last time the server was started: Wed Mar 31 09:12:02 MDT 1999; 7 minutes, 44 seconds ago)

Multicast I/O

# packets1,2106071,817
# bytes155,597202,348357,945
ave. packet size (bytes)129333197

Tunnel I/O

# packets6071,5532,160
# bytes209,632252,149461,781
ave. packet size (bytes)345162214

Network overhead (compared to native multicast routing): 129%

Per-tunnel I/O

(for each active tunnel; highest-traffic tunnels listed first)
# packets3891,4791,868
% of all tunnel I/O64%95%86%
# bytes162,058231,117393,175
% of all tunnel I/O77%92%85%
ave. packet size (bytes)417156210
# packets21874292
% of all tunnel I/O36%5%14%
# bytes47,57421,03268,606
% of all tunnel I/O23%8%15%
ave. packet size (bytes)218284235

Per-group I/O

(for each multicast address:port that's currently being relayed; highest-traffic groups listed first)
port: 51482incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets9390939
% of all multicast I/O78%0%52%
# bytes73,132073,132
% of all multicast I/O47%0%20%
ave. packet size (bytes)78n/a78
port: 51483incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets5813
% of all multicast I/O0%1%1%
# bytes1,1167681,884
% of all multicast I/O1%0%1%
ave. packet size (bytes)22396145
port: 32087incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets2790117
% of all multicast I/O2%15%6%
# bytes6,35016,44422,794
% of all multicast I/O4%8%6%
ave. packet size (bytes)235183195
port: 58294incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets05151
% of all multicast I/O0%8%3%
# bytes021,97221,972
% of all multicast I/O0%11%6%
ave. packet size (bytes)n/a431431
port: 58582incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets222547
% of all multicast I/O2%4%3%
# bytes11,13310,81421,947
% of all multicast I/O7%5%6%
ave. packet size (bytes)506433467
port: 52244incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets15103118
% of all multicast I/O1%17%6%
# bytes3,23815,75818,996
% of all multicast I/O2%8%5%
ave. packet size (bytes)216153161
port: 56088incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets494594
% of all multicast I/O4%7%5%
# bytes7,80710,12017,927
% of all multicast I/O5%5%5%
ave. packet size (bytes)159225191
port: 60008incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets02323
% of all multicast I/O0%4%1%
# bytes015,88015,880
% of all multicast I/O0%8%4%
ave. packet size (bytes)n/a690690
port: 55336incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets01414
% of all multicast I/O0%2%1%
# bytes012,97212,972
% of all multicast I/O0%6%4%
ave. packet size (bytes)n/a927927
port: 64900incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets10717
% of all multicast I/O1%1%1%
# bytes7,1184,65211,770
% of all multicast I/O5%2%3%
ave. packet size (bytes)712665692
port: 9875incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets14519
% of all multicast I/O1%1%1%
# bytes6,9392,1929,131
% of all multicast I/O4%1%3%
ave. packet size (bytes)496438481
port: 49800incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets353065
% of all multicast I/O3%5%4%
# bytes4,4773,8218,298
% of all multicast I/O3%2%2%
ave. packet size (bytes)128127128
port: 57884incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets02929
% of all multicast I/O0%5%2%
# bytes07,7727,772
% of all multicast I/O0%4%2%
ave. packet size (bytes)n/a268268
port: 54298incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets088
% of all multicast I/O0%1%0%
# bytes07,1847,184
% of all multicast I/O0%4%2%
ave. packet size (bytes)n/a898898
port: 62732incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets01010
% of all multicast I/O0%2%1%
# bytes05,7675,767
% of all multicast I/O0%3%2%
ave. packet size (bytes)n/a577577
port: 51466incomingoutgoingtotal
# packets437
% of all multicast I/O0%0%0%
# bytes2,7942,4945,288
% of all multicast I/O2%1%1%
ave. packet size (bytes)699831755

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