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IPv6 support in the "LIVE555TM Streaming Media" software

(including improved buffer handling, replacement of the "groupsock" library, and virtual network interfaces)

A LIVE555 Funded Project

The software currently works only on IPv4 networks. This project will extend it to work on IPv6 networks as well.

Support for IPv6 will occur as part of a major upgrade to the low-level (UDP and TCP) networking code. The existing, ugly "groupsock" library will be eliminated. In its place, network sockets will become "liveMedia" objects (i.e., "MediaSource"s and "MediaSink"s). This will make it easier for LIVE555-based applications to run over not just IPv6 networks, but also potentially other kinds of network, including simulated networks.

In order for network sockets to become "MediaSink"s (without requiring extra data copying), the current data buffer mechanism will also need to be extended, to make it possible for 'upstream' objects (not just the "MediaSink") to provide a data buffer. This extension will also eliminate the current problem whereby the "MediaSink"s data buffer needs to be specified in advance, with incoming data having to be truncated if it's too large.

Current Contribution Level: 1%

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